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Colin with his TVR Taimar

The 3.4L Essex V6 imported from South Africa
July 2010
Colin is in WA and has just fitted a 3.4L Essex
V6 imported from South Africa.  These motors were produced by Ford in RSA for several years, but are no longer made. Several were imported as a batch, with Vic P also having one which he is fitting it in his 1968 SE4c GT Coupe.  Colin says his motor needed some work to overcome assembly faults, with some parts even needing to be replaced before the engine could be balanced and installed. 

While fitting the 3.4L Essex, Colin has also changed the gearbox to a Ford Sierra 5 speed Type 9, he says the overdrive gear is most welcome. The tail shaft and gear shift are in the same position as the original 4 speed unit, with the gearbox mount only needing shifting by around 10mm. The bell housing has been modified and runs the same clutch, flywheel and starter.