Reliant Scimitars in Victoria,



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Last update 13 July 2010
   What's New?          
* Colin from WA with his TVR Taimar.  Colin has just fitted a 3.4L V6 Essex engine imported from South Africa see here
*  Welcome to a new owner, Doug from Forest Hill, purchased a green(ish) SE5 from up near Coffs Harbour,
   now successfully RWC'd more details and pictures coming. 
*  David L from Colchester in UK made contact, sent a picture 1970 SE5, looks very nice with the Princess Anne alloys see here
*  Vic's Scimitar coupe 'body off' rebuild gallery see-here
*  Scimitar 1800 Ti and 1974 GTE 5a imported to NSW from the UK see-here

To email a photo to the Web Site, or contact a Scimitar owner:-
Email us (if using webmail, copy and paste) admin@vicscimitar.org

Scimitar and Sabre Web, UK
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Association of Motoring Clubs Inc.(AOMC) Victoria
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Anadol Car Club, Turkey      In Turkish, but lots of interesting pictures, cars, classic races
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See Franks Scimitar on YouTube RACVFly the Flag Tour at Echuca 2007   

Ivan's 1969 Scimitar GTE, SE5                           

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